The number of jurisdictions within Santa Clara County that have adopted CAPs with carbon neutrality targets by 2045
The number of organizations currently supporting climate action within the County that are listed in this directory
The percent of jurisdictions who identified collaboration and/or coordination as a primary hurdle for climate action implementation

Climate measures by Jurisdiction and Sector

The bar chart above displays data collected from each jurisdiction’s published planning documents including Climate Action Plans, General Plans, and other policies. Use the drop-down menu to select the sector you wish to visualize.

Jurisdiction Details

Use the dropdown menu to choose a jurisdiction and learn more about each jurisdiction’s climate goals, key point of contact, and Climate Action Plan (CAP).

Climate Action Summary

GHG Reduction Targets
Responsible Dept.
Sustainability Contact
CAP Information
CAP Adoption Year
Current CAP
Qualified CAP
CAP Update in Progress
Implementation Plan
Adaptation Element

Climate Organizations Directory

Browse a directory of organizations working on climate action and adaptation, and filter by location and/or sector.

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Other Resources

The visualization above reflects the results of a survey conducted by the County of Santa Clara and includes information about each city’s climate action and adaptation activities, including operations, ongoing or planned greenhouse gas reduction projects, and barriers to implementation. Click on the image to visit the visualization site. Note: the link will open in a new tab and may not be accessible.